Losing friends.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Falcon0006, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Falcon0006

    Falcon0006 Well-Known Member

    See the worst thing about depression for me, I only got it like 6 months ago or something so... its not terrible, but the worst thing is letting down friends,

    Friends that used to be So important, that I used to like so much, and used to like me are now almost enemies. I swear, and like My old best friend who I used to have the most fun times with now, its just awkward silences between us now.

    I think its fucked up that one day you can just wake up and everything is made worse than it once was, and for no reason, heck there's bad people out there who are sitting there enjoying life, when good people like A huge majority of the people on this website are suffering. Karma, or God dont exist, and if they do, well.... I dont know what I'd do if I met A God, Deserves a kick in the face.. as far as im concerned.

    Anyway yes I'm just wondering if anyone is the same, lost a lot of their good friends because of depression?
  2. mjxxx

    mjxxx New Member

    i no where ur coming from, ive had depression (among a whole lot of other disorders) on n off 4 a few yrs n lately i feel like my best mate isnt the same around me. my dr reckons i got paranoia so that could be it wit u 2.
    r u starting 2 be paranoid about stuff like dat like ur friends not acting like they used to around u or being distant? they mite even think ur the one who is distant and are concerned.
    try ur best to be up front n talk to em about it n if u got a bit of anxiety like me jus ease into disscussing it wit em so u dun work yourself up.

    hope i cud help ya out.. hang in there xxx
  3. perry_mason

    perry_mason Well-Known Member

    im the same, losing people sucks.

    people now hate me and i just want things to go back to how they used to be.
  4. cobrabodyguard008

    cobrabodyguard008 Well-Known Member

    i know how you feel yet, i lost a lot of friends too

    but don't worry, you'll see someday everything changes :wink:
  5. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    pretty much, lost all my friends due to depression and avoidance, and the fact im a boring fuck doesnt help.
  6. mike25

    mike25 Well-Known Member

    People change from year to year. For some reason, these changes seem to build barriers rather than provide refreshing avenues of interest to mutually explore. Maybe people expect too much of eachother, or maybe they're self obsessed. It's certainly a detriment to mental health when people just move right through you like your breath, especially when you're young.

  7. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    My experience was the close friends I grew up with, lived through thick and thin with suddenly treated me like the plague when I started showing symptoms. Fair weathered to be sure :sad:.

    I now have many friends/acquaintances who all have a mental affliction of some sort that binds us even closer through empathy.
  8. Anju

    Anju Well-Known Member

    The worst thing I've found in this respect is that not only have I lost friends because of depression, it stops me making new ones :sad:

    It's like I want to talk to them, to make them like me...but though I'm desperate to say something I just can't speak. It sucks.
  9. Falcon0006

    Falcon0006 Well-Known Member

    I used to have it that bad Anju, but my depression is like So mild its almost not there, but it dosent go, but I wouldnt know about hard times making new friends, Im just different around people.

    See I can meet new people but when im doing it, I know im not myself, and Im not doing it the usual way, it just feels different, its not the same "Wow this person's cool!" its "wow Why dont I get the same rush i used to this sucks". Its weird though one of my close friends came round, and all it was, was an awkward silence, cause i was that depressed at the time.

    Sucks is all I can say!
  10. rootedphoenix

    rootedphoenix Well-Known Member

    My best friends are the ones I made 10 years ago when everything for all of us was awful. We bonded there, and there seems to be no problem we can't weather as long as we hold on. (But we're all clingy and sentimental folks.) Problem is, we're scattered all over the US and always have been.

    Anyone close to home? HA. Can't tell 'em nothing, they can't stand it. It's so lame.
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