losing him. i'm losing him.

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  1. wecouldfightcrime

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    he doesn't deserve me.
    i'm no way near talented enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, clever enough, kind enough for him.

    okay so i'm not a looker, i must have a great personailty for him to stay with me right? wrong.
    i'm horrid. i can't explain it. i just know i am.

    i've taken a break with my boyf of 10 months (only a break of 3 days, just to get my head straight) and now i'm not sure i want to keep going with him. i'm not sure he wants me. i don't know. it's long and complicated and stupid. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO.

    i can't stay with someone who i don't deserve. i feel like shit everyday because i compare myself to every girl he talks to everyday. he deserves so much better. i'm screwing up his life WHY CAN'T HE SEE IT.

    shit fuck
  2. total eclipse

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    sometimes time away is a good thing as you can then concentrate on your needs alone. As you said earlier he is busy with university give it time when school is done perhaps less stress things will be different
  3. BandAid

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    I think that is not fair enough to judge for him how beautiful, talented, friendly enough you are. Please, do not take this wrong. What YOU see and what HE sees are two different things. Give your self a little credit, doll. It's his decision to decide what is deserving of him. Let him decide, huh? What we need to do is turn this around and find a positive reason he is with you. Instead of saying "what do those girls have", try saying "what do I have they don't". Why don't you give us a trait of yours that they don't have........

    I can tell already that you are sincere. You have a want to be a "good enough girlfriend" for him, who is to say not only are you good enough, but you are the standard for him. Think about it.