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Losing it Just a Little

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by HeatherinCabo, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. HeatherinCabo

    HeatherinCabo New Member

    I just ended a very emotionally and physically abusive relationship, literally. It was last week. My ex took every cent I had and left me in Mexico. I am having a sever bipolar episode that's going back and forth between mania and depression - the depression is severe. I hve been suicidal for about 3 years now and my first attempt was 3 years ago - my symptoms are just very, very out of control right now. I really do not want to contact my family because I have been round and round with this guy so many times that it's just old for everyone. I did finally write my story of abuse, but I can't seem to find find anywhere to post it where it will actually be visiible and it contains profanity so, mos places won't post it. I understand that, I dot. But, how are you supposed to express extreme anger and be proper about it? Thsi guy put me and all of my loved ones through the wringer - badly, and it just doesn't seem right to tone down the rage - I didn't when I told him. It gives the wrong impression - victims of abuse who actually get the chance to speak without fear are rare - and I don't want to waste that. He really can't do anything else to me and he's waiting on me to follow on me to actually commit suicide so he can get everything else.

    I'm a little lost as to what to do here so any advice, on any part of this would be greatly appreciated. If I broke a rule, I'm sorry, I tried not too.
  2. HeatherinCabo

    HeatherinCabo New Member

    Sorry about all those typos. I am also apparently, not reviewing what I write. Sorry about that.
  3. 1Lefty

    1Lefty Well-Known Member

    typos are ok, your safety is the main concern.

    If you're having severe depression, and don't have the funds to return home, I would try to find out what the policy is at Mexican hospitals. Whether you can show up at an emergency room and request treatment, or if you have insurance that covers it. I suppose the next option is to contact your family or a friend and try to get the funds to return home, where your options for treatment are better. Anything has to be better than being penniless in the streets of another country, or being involuntarily committed in another country. You might try contacting the embassy for your country.

    Keep posting, and just know that here, you're in a safe place to express yourself, and we care. Although what we can offer is support and encouragement

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