Losing it... (my mind)

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    Hey guys, I joined this forum I think last year, and by some miracle I remembered my username and password after only using it once.

    I'm kind of losing it... I've always suffered from chronic severe anxiety most of my life and recently I've developed depression. I became homeless in October and that added to everything even though I believe I dealt with it initially very well.

    My family is cold my apart from my dad who I'm very close to. Nobody has any desire to have me around. (this is the truth not my opinion)

    My friends speak only about their problems when we talk about issues. Which is fine I've helped them when they are struggling.

    I'm trying to get over someone I was in love with. I can't get over her. She never knew

    My psychiatrist told me she felt I could wait to my given appointment which was weeks away. I showed up at the mental health hospital crying and asking to be sectioned. They told me it doesn't work that way. I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

    Trying to get my housing sorted, poor mental health counts for very little.

    I'm a cliche of someone who writes a lot, and has suicidal thoughts and tendancies.

    A lot of people don't understand how I can be really cool and chill one day. and quiet and depressed or having and anxiety episode another.

    I was just wondering if someone here could be my therapist, leave messages in my inbox, talk to me, and I'll do the same for them, I am Kind of losing it.... a lot.
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    HI Faline if you went into hospital to get help they should of helped you Not good at all this mental health system I am glad you are reaching out here though as talking to others does help hun and i know not feeling so alone helps me hugs to you