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Losing it off the legs!!

Hmm... well I'm having problems losing the fat off my legs. All in all I have lost 3 stone (not really down to dieting, but still), I still think I'm fat especially my legs I want to make them slimmer and I was hoping for some advice. I walk everyday which is meant to exercise the muscles in the legs but do you know of anymore exercises I could do which work for you or that you recomend? Or tips or anything.. ? Most of the exercises I know are aimed to strengthen the muscles in the upperbody including the arms but when it comes to legs I know very few.

Cheers. :)
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swimming, is good for the legs because your constantly using them, ermmm i do sports science at college have done for the past 2 years and just started my third year abd studyed gcse p.e before that, so ill get ya some leg exercises, to help tone the legs :)

if iv got time i can draw you up a little routine aimed at the legs, gimmie a while and ill find out some stuff for ya on how to work out the legs. illtry dso it for ya tonight and post it on here, with some diagrams and all that :D

take care

vikki x
Thanks for the quick replies. :)

cthulhu, I forgot about the squats, I haven't tried them for a very long time. Last time I tried squating was during PE in school about 3 years ago and it was torture, but then any type of exercise is torture. heh.

Vikki, I don't really want to do swimming. Well, I'd like to but the fact I have so many scars on my legs put me off so I'm afraid swimming is out of the question. It would be awesome if you could draw that routine up for me but if you haven't got the time then that really is okay.
Heres some exercises i would reccomend, there from i website as i couldn't be bothered to write it all out lol, hope this helps :)

• Stand upright with your back straight and feet shoulder width apart.
• Slowly and carefully bend you knees and lower yourself towards the ground. It is important in this exercise to stay within your comfort zone and not lower yourself too far down.
• Slowly come to the squat position, as if you were about to sit on an invisible chair, pause for a second and then slowly come to the upright position again.
• Complete 3-6 repetitions if you are new to the exercise, do not do too much straight away.
• As your target muscles become stronger you can increase the number of repetitions and squat lower to the ground. This will make the exercise much more effective for strengthening an toning the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings.

Forward Lunges
• Throughout the lunge ensure that you keep your body upright and positioned directly above your hips.
• Stand with both feet around around 18 inches apart with the right foot out in front and the left foot to the rear, holding your hand on the back of the chair for balance if you need to.
• Lean your weight forward onto the front leg, bending both knees slightly, and lifting your rear ankle slightly off the floor..
• When you have reached a comfortable position try holding there for 5 seconds.
• Slowly straighten the legs and return to the starting position.
• Repeat the lunge another 4 times with the right leg forward, then repeat the whole exercise with the left foot forward.

Theres 2 ways of doing forward lunges:



Front Leg Raise
• Stand upright with feet together, place on hand on the back of a chair or table to balance.
• With your left leg slightly bent, raise your right leg out in front of you up to a height that you are comfortable with. Try to keep your right leg straight.
• Hold your leg out in front of you for 2-3 seconds.
• Lower the leg back to the starting position back to the floor.
• Repeat the Front Leg Raise a further 5 times with the right leg.
• Repeat the Raises with the left leg, keeping the right leg slightly bent throughout.

If you find this exercise easy then increase the number of repetitions of the exercise. You can also start holding the raised leg out in front for a longer and longer period of time. If you find that you still need a little more of a challenge then why not purchase some ankle weights to use during the exercise.

Side Leg Raise
• Stand next to the chair using one hand to balance.
• Throughout the exercise keep your body facing forwards. Do not rotate your hips or shoulders when you are moving your leg.
• With your left leg slightly bent, raise your right leg out sideways to a position that is comfortable for you. Keep your toe pointing forward and ensure the rest of your body is still facing forward.
• Hold the leg out to the side for 3 seconds, then return back to the starting position.
• Repeat the Side Leg Raise a further four times.
• Repeat the exercise using the left leg, keeping the body straight and the right leg slightly bent.

To make the exercise a little more challenging you can increase the amount of repetitions in your routine, or purchase some ankle weights to improve further on your strength.

Leg Cross Over
Another good leg exercise is the Leg Cross Over. The Cross Over is great for strengthening and toning the inner thighs. The exercise is more effective using a piece of thigh toning equipment, but if performed regularly and with increasing repetitions can get excellent results. Its a good idea to use a chair or table for balance during this exercise. Remember, always stay in your own comfort zone during the exercise and keep good form, move slowly and with smooth movements.

• Stand next to a chair, holding the back of the chair for balance throughout the exercise. Both feet should be together.
• Keeping the body upright and the legs straight, move the right leg slightly away from the left and then in a circular movement bring the right leg in front of and across the left leg.
• Only go as far as feels comfortable, holding the leg in position for 3-5 seconds.
• Return the leg beside to the starting position with feet together.
• Repeat a further 4 times on the right leg, then repeat the whole exercise using the left leg.

As this exercise becomes easier increase the repetitions for each leg and slow the speed at which the leg moves during the exercise

Calf Raises
Calf Raises are a great exercise to strengthen, tone and define the calf's and lower legs. You can use a chair to balance during the exercise if you like. Remember to stay in your comfort zone and move the legs slowly and smoothly.

• Stand behind the chair with both hands on the back of the chair.
• Keep your legs straight and body upright.
• Slowly move onto your toes lifting your heels off the ground until you are on tiptoes (as long as this is comfortable for you).
• Hold yourself up on your toes for 3-4 seconds.
• Slowly lower your heels back down and return to the starting position.
• Repeat the exercise 5-10 times at first, but this can be increased if you feel comfortable.

Those exercises should help out alot.

If you tend to get the occasional cramp in the back of the calf, dont do to many calf raises as it will cause it to cramp up abit and will be very painful. Doing most of the exercise should work, start off low, then build up, the last thing you'd wanna do it tear a muscle in the leg, believe me it hurts and last for months, (sigh that hurt alot) once your comfortable with the amount your doing, raise it up by 5 then once your comfortable with that raise it up again by 5 so on.

Heres the website, its very good for home exercise :) http://www.weightlossforgood.co.uk

Im gonna just draw up a basic exercise programme for the legs now :) ill post it as soon as im done :)
Here made a quick programme in paint for ya :)

What i would suggest with a exercise plan, depending on what exercise you like you could put on together, then that way you doing the exercises you might enjoy, if you get what i mean. An exercise should start off with a warm up, hten the main exercise then the cool down, the warm up and cool down are very important, as i said before you dont wanna tear a muscle, and doing the cool down will reduce the lactic acid build up in the muscles after exercise, the lactic acid is what makes you sore the next day after intense exercise, so do a cool down to reduce that. Heres a quick exercise program i just made quickly in paint (sorry not a very good one but should help)

Hope this helps :) if not PM me or catch me on msn, like i said i made this very quickly lol
This might sound a little too simple but... stretch, sprint, stretch.
noyhings to simple :), the trick is to start off slow then as your muscles become stronger then increase the repetitions :) and 'up and downs' are a very good idea, im not sure what the porper name is, as a lot of exercise invole up and down lol but good idea never the less :D
Thank you so much for your help and especially to Vikki for your hard work. I will give these a go, it's unfair that our body pick and chooses where the fat comes off but leaves the rest to suffer. Heh :hug:


ugh, i have a huge butt and legs for a guy, which i guess is why when you look from the front i dont look fat :-P
best I can say is walk, strech, maybe ride your bike, but everyones body is different, I wish all I had left to lose was my legs lol.

good luck hun, I wuv you!

I was going to say cycling but someone beat me to it.if u do ride,use a gear that you can pedal at about 100 rpms or more,and the nice thing about riding is that it gets u outside.

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