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  1. thannis

    thannis Active Member

    I've had a really bad time these past few years constantly contemplating suicide. My life has seemed like a lost cause for so long and I came really close to ending it a number of times. Because of all the time I had to think about dying, I started wondering what heaven was like and whether I would actually enjoy being there for eternity if I was accepted. Then I thought of all the people who had been condemned to hell for their sins to suffer for eternity and I felt really sad for them. Surely there's nothing anybody can do to deserve that kind of punishment, right?
    So I started to think differently about my christian belief and I realised it didn't make much sense for me. I started noticing that people were living their lives in fear of being sent to hell when they died, and so denied themselves a lot of things in life. Then I looked at all the injustice present in the world today, where innocent people get killed for what they believe and where they're from and if the colour of their skin 'isn't right' and I got really angry that my god who 'loves us all unconditionally' could stand by and watch these things happen.
    Then one day I watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and saw the Jatravartid people of the planet Viltvodle VI who believe they were created when a being they call the Great Green Arkleseizure sneezed the universe into existence. They apparently live in perpetual fear of the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief, similar to the Apocalypse. The scene where Zaphod interrupts the mass Humma Kavula was presiding over looked strikingly similar to mass in the catholic church, and is what made me skeptical about christianity and religion. I also found some very compelling arguments against religion from the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Stephen Fry which I'd recommend for anyone to check out.
    Looking at religion objectively made me realise how ridiculous the idea was. The fact that people throw their lives away fighting each other over trivial issues made me very frustrated. I also felt very sorry for those who couldn't stand their lives anymore. From this perspective, I started wishing I could do more to help everybody and end all the suffering in the world, because if we're lucky enough to have this one chance, I think we should all have the opportunity to enjoy it. Nobody in this world has to do good because they'll be rewarded for it in heaven, but because they realise how precious every single person's life is and I know it's a long shot to hope for this, but if we were all good to each other for the sake of it, we could very well create a heaven right here.
    As a result of this, I lost my religion. I stopped believing in heaven and hell and that I was created by a god and was a part of his grand master plan and I found that I was much more positive about my life after that. When you realise that this is the only life you'll have and that it happened completely by accident, suddenly it means a hell of a lot more to be alive and you know you want to make it count.

    Here's a teddy bear potato. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CcFHoDbUgwo/TQBLJCUZR1I/AAAAAAAABN0/_cQm0LgRNKk/s1600/kentang-teddy-bear.jpg
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    Dear Thannis - I wonder whether any of the following could be of interest to you or anyone else who is going through a similar experience:

    From 'War And Peace Between Nations'

    The three items can also be read by clicking on:

    In one session.
    Please allow a few seconds for the file to load.

    With love - Aquarius


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  3. Winslow

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    To go along with what Thannis said--when the Buddhist Dalai Lama was asked if there is a God or not, he answered its not important whether there is a God or not. Instead, what's important is how we treat our fellow men. So you seem to lean toward Buddhism.
  4. stapleremover

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    I was raised in a variety of Christian churches and traditions, by parents whose blind adherence to their own religious beliefs exposed me to experiences ranging from the beautiful ceremonies of the Episcopal church to faith healers, prosperity evangelists, and such nonsense as speaking in tongues and vilifying homosexuality.

    It was a fear-filled, fantasy-believing, thought-discouraging world, and detaching from it was painful in the way that removing a cancerous tumor might be painful. But as a young adult I quickly reached a point where I could no longer deny that I simply didn't believe in God. I couldn't help but see religion for what it was - the invention of human beings, and a framework for making sense of and simplifying the world as well as a way of controlling others.

    Realizing and finally accepting my lack of belief brought me far more peace and empowerment than religion ever had. And because I still think that even the most rational minds and thinking processes cannot know for sure what lies beyond the realm of the living and the visible world, I acknowledge that there are things we cannot know, and I proudly label myself as Agnostic.

    Having said that, I understand and have great compassion and acceptance for people who do believe and choose to practice a religion...I even frequently take advantage of a telephone prayer line service provided by the rather unconventional Unity church. The line between believing and not believing remains a little blurry for me, and I am fine with that. I try to meditate and study Buddhist teachings, which for me are more good psychology and a healthy way of understanding our emotions than they are 'religion'.

    If you have lost your religion, you are in good company. And I congratulate your willingness to honor your own unique thoughts and beliefs.

    All the best,

  5. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    I was raised a Christian but I wasn't a particularly strong believer, I went along with it when I was a young child but as I got older I began to question things more -- all the contradictions started to get to me. When I became a teenager my family then converted religions to a cult with Buddhist roots which I shall not name here. But it made me open my eyes because although I went along at the start and they claimed not to be a cult, the more I followed and went along, the more cultish I realised it was. It made me realise that it wasn't something I could take part in, which led me to do a lot of soul searching once I slowly, slowly distanced myself.

    As I have gotten older (okay, not much older, I am still quite young), I have come to realise that religion is not for me. I could really do without the fear and indoctrination and control that comes from religion. Maybe it's because I was raised around beliefs that were too extreme, but even the milder version of beliefs I got fed at my religious school have made me somewhat uncomfortable.

    If it does not cause harm to others then I don't mind if other people are religious. It's extremists that try to push their views on others that I have problems with. If you have lost your religion, that's fine by me. The fallout from the people surrounding you is something else to deal with though...

  6. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    The legends that surround your human heroes on your present plane of life with time tend to take the stories that are told about them ever further away from that person’s true being and achievements. In contrast to that, the legends and myths inspired by Me can and indeed were always meant to lead your race to an increasing comprehension of My truths. Through reinterpreting the knowledge that had already accumulated and presenting it to you in from time to time a new form, in the end they are destined to guide you back into a full awareness of My truth. Your spiritual infancy and childhood necessitated the myths and legends I gave to you. Having outgrown this evolutionary stage and reaching spiritual adulthood, there is no need to hold any part of My wisdom back from you. Ever more of it shall be revealed to you, as we go along.

    As the Master Jesus belongs to the realm of myths and legends, those who are hoping still that one fine day he will return to the Earth plane to save and redeem them, shall be waiting in vain, because the only who can do this is you yourselves. It is done by each one of you constantly endeavouring to improve your character and behaviour patterns on the Earth plane. You are all responsible towards Me for yourself and your world and the saving and redemption of you and your world is in everybody’s own hands. Your responsibilities begin with yourself and by this I mean that each has to sweep before their own doorstep and take good care to bring their inner house in order.

    At the same time I expect that all human soul make every effort to transform their home patch into a kinder, more tolerant and loving environment for all lifeforms you come into contact with. This is how all together – with My help and that of the Angels – each shall bring their own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth. Because of this, your world will slowly but surely grows into a kinder and more peaceful one. As My children you are creative beings, who are capable of acting as My co-creators, each one of you is gifted in their own special and unique way. By applying all the talents I have so generously bestowed upon all of you to whatever task you may be presented with, every soul must do its share of saving and redeeming yourselves, each other and your whole world. There is no other way!

  7. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    The Prophet – On Religion

    An old priest said: ‘Speak to us of Religion.
    And the Prophet replied:
    Have I ever spoken to you of anything else?
    Is not religion all deeds and all reflections,
    And that which is neither one nor the other?
    Isn’t it the wonder and surprise that ever springs in your soul,
    Even while your hands are hewing a stone or attending to a loom?
    Who can separate their faith from their actions,
    Or their beliefs from their occupations?
    Who can spread their hours before them and say:
    ‘This is for God and that for myself.
    This is for my soul and that for my body?’

    All your hours are wings that beat through space
    From one part of yourself to the other,
    From the Higher or God Self to your lower earthly self,
    Its counterpart.
    Those who wear their morality only as their best garment
    When they go to church on Sunday,
    Would be better off naked, so the Sun and the wind
    Can tear and burn no holes into their skins.
    And those who define their conduct purely by
    The ethics of dogma and creed of one religion or another,
    Imprison the songbird of their souls in a cage,
    Unaware that the finest songs do not come from behind bars and wires.
    If your worshipping is but a window
    That one opens and shuts at will,
    You will never get to know the house of the soul,
    Whose windows are forever open.

    Your daily life needs to become your temple and your religion.
    Upon entering it each day take everything you are with you,
    Be it a plough or a forge, a mallet or a lute.
    Take all the things you have fashioned,
    Either of necessity or for your delight.
    In your dreams rise above yourself and your achievements,
    And put your failures behind you as the lessons of the past.
    Fly on the wings of the knowledge you now receive
    Directly from the Great White Spirit and take everybody with you,
    So that in adoration you fly higher than their hopes
    And humbly join and comfort them in their moments of despair.

    If you want to know your Creator, refuse to follow like a sheep
    The things that were written a long time ago.
    Most of it is likely to be outdated and in need of review.
    The religion of the new age is one of the heart
    That aims to help all souls, independent of colour or race,
    To grow in wisdom and understanding
    Of the true purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence.
    This religion is a faith that invites all of you
    To experience life’s processes ever more deeply.
    Through consciously participating in them,
    You become ever more aware of the living God and Goddess
    Within you and everything that shares your present existence.

    Now you can observe for yourself God/Goddess being as much
    Alive in you as in your children and everybody else.
    When you gaze into space, especially at night,
    Discover how even in the stars and the clouds,
    The Great Father/Mother of all life embraces all its Creations
    With the same loving care.
    With every ray of sunshine and drop of rain
    That touches the Earth, they seek to comfort,
    Bless and heal each one of you and your whole world.
    In every flower, leave and blade of grass they are smiling,
    In the trees their arms and hands are waving to you,
    While the wind whispers words of healing and peace
    To those whose inner eyes and ears have opened
    To the new religion of love.

    From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
    Lebanese/American poet
    Reinterpreted by Aquarius

    Recommended Reading:

    From Words & Prayers For Comfort & Healing’

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