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I hate this. I just wrote a long releasing post, and when I clicked the submit button, it logged me out and asked me to log in. So I log in, and it says it can't post the thread for some reason. So I hit back to get back to the page where I was typing, but IE doesnt store the typing data or whatever, so it's gone.

like the worst night for everything and this happens. I honestly don't feel all that phased, what difference would it have made anyhow. stupid shit.

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God i hate that too hun all that typing then poof disappears hugs to you I hope you are able to try posting it again what you can remember


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Yeah.. i remember, it's in my face and it can't go away, nor can I.

Nothing that can be done but.. usually it makes me feel like a big bit of me is going to be forgotten. But now, I just feel almost numb to losing all that, like it doesn't really matter.

Is it normal to think that you will always be the failings that you are now because .... <-- is the because a justification and acceptance to making yourself anchor to those failings and making them repeat :S

Sorry im concerned of losing the humanity and good bits of me, as i enter in the harder times and worse bits in my life right now. Im worried about forgetting or bending the good bits further than I have already. I dont want to forget who I am to the moment .. idk.. this isn't a clean wrap like usual, ive got some rough times ahead of me. I have to move out and I have no money, and no source of income atm, so it's either the streets or find a homeless shelter, unless I can swing to stay somewhere or defuse this situation atleast for a bit. I owe money aswell, Im socially crippled, but im going to have to force myself into social situations. But I feel emotionally weak, so I take things on very intensly atm, and can only compensate by defending myself internally, but the manner inwhich im doing that is self destructive in its own sense. . blah blah.

I just dont want to forget the good parts of who I am, or atleast bury them in hate and stupid confusion. But Im all so convinced that I am going to make the same exact mistakes that I am feeling right now. If thats the case I cant be near anyone, and if thats the case whats the point. ..how do I grow and let go, or grow the worst parts of me so that they arent bad and will never be like this again. I cant be like this anymore... i cant hide from them they'll call and taunt me and make me tunnel to them again and destroy everything in the process. I cant do that to the people around me. I cant continue a cycle.

Head and heart are spinning, trying to keep a clear line of sight and awareness in this particular moment is difficult. Im so tired though.. I jsut want to go to sleep. I just can't forget .. and knowing and waking into it ..


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Axiom, know how you felt after that happened cause it's happened to me before and I can't repeat some of the words that spew out of my mouth when that occurs.:blink: A good thing to do, I do it now whenever I do a somewhat long post is when you finish typing just before you hit submit copy what you wrote just in case, if you get logged off or if the site goes down for a minute all you have to do is create a new post and paste, a lot of aggravation is saved by doing that, learned the hard way but it's kept the blood pressure down a bit.:unsure:


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Fortunately when I log back in my post as I typed it is still there. It says I'm log out, I get worried and then log back in to see it. So far it has only been annoying. Glad I haven't lost anything or I would despair.


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Ive been here long enough to know to copy it before hand. But you know sometimes youre just no thinking about stuff like that :sad:


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Just dodging it all and trying new things to grab life. Worked and was going somewhere for awhile but now.. im heading straight for where I started off, except with years of stupid crap to wade through aswell.
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