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Loss Of A Loser

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My mother and father claim to love me; however, I feel like I'm only a burden. I suffer from debilitating neuromuscular pain; as a result, I'm unable to work full-time and support myself. Since I'm also unable to do the things I once enjoyed, I'm always depressed and sometime rather unpleasant to be around. In addition, I suffer from severe social anxiety disorder. I see myself as a worthless, useless, depressing, weak piece of shit. Honestly, I think ending my life would make my parents lives less depressing.

I know that the mothers and fathers of happy, successful, healthy, hard-working sons mourn the loss of a son. I also know that most mothers and fathers will miss any son, no matter how pathetic and worthless, initially..........

However, do you-all think the mothers and fathers of losers, like me, genuinely mourn their sons long-term?

I do NOT want to end my life if it could cause my parents long-term unhappiness.


You are not a burden.Having chronic illness isnt your fault im sure, and i really dont see your family thinks of you as a burden.I believe it would cause them tremendous stress if you were to "leave".Stick with it.It is tough but you will be the better for it.
trust me, even tho they may seem not to be happy around you, they really really are! please trust me. and i know this post is short and sweet, but i cant describe it in words that will make sence. i know a simular situation. and you may not want to look too happy in that kind of living environment because of awkwardness. but, they are probably happy to do it for you, and smileing on the inside!

wow, that sounded cheesy.

but please trust


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For anyone with social anxiety disorder who has a high school degree and is looking for a part-time job from home, try www.brainfuse.com . It's an online tutoring company that connects you with disadvantaged children. You tutor them using their software (which you download). You can do something very rewarding to help others, and it is good for those of you who are housebound and/or just want to make a little extra cash. The pay is 10.00/hr. I'm not homebound, but I did it for a while and it's great. I'm taking it up again. You don't even have to interview. Just send your resume and they get you started over the web. It's very rewarding and fun. To tell the truth, I'm not even sure you need a diploma, they just give you an assessment online to determine your proficencies and what subjects you should teach. If you are interested, just click the "Join Us" button on the homepage.
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This job sounds very very interesting, hope it isn't too hard? Sorry to go off topic in this thread, can you perhaps PM me with more info about the job?
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