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  1. Kayetan

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    Over the past few years, I have cared less and less about what happens to me. One thing that always remained constant however was my homework. I never did my homework until the last minute(it was the only way I felt I had something to do), but I always worried on the rare occasion I didn't finish it in time, or knew I did something wrong. Last night, I spent about 7 hours on my history midterm. On the guideline, it just said "write an essay", so I assumed we could write until we answered all of the questions, and made our point. The paper I wrote was one of the best I ever typed up, everyhtiong was answered correctly, and I even compressed it into 5 pages to make it easier to grade. I went into class today, and after turning it in, found out it was supposed to be 10-12 pages. I didn't care at all, and still don't. I'm worried that I don't care, this should be a huge deal, this paper determines if I pass or fail, and because of the length, Ive already failed. I keep thinking about it, but I don't feel anything for it. With that feeling of failure gone, there isn't anything left I care about. Is this a natural part of suicide? Or is it just another factor in causing it?
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    I think you're telling yourself you don't care about the paper but deep down you do.
    There is nothing "normal" about suicide....
    But if you mean if someone is planning on killing themselves and they dont try to have a go at anything in life, then yeh that's pretty much mainstream I'd say.
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