Loss of husband 9 years ago today

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by gemini15, May 17, 2012.

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    Today is the ninth anniversary of my husband's death - he died of cancer - Ironic really as I was the one with a history of cancer in my family and was checked out for three forms of cancer. There was no history of cancer in his family therefore no check. Two members of my family had the same form of cancer who were diagnosed before him they both outlived him. All three of them are dead now.

    Earlier this week I was the victim of a sexual assault - who in the right mind would bother to rape an overweight sixty year old woman. I was feeling low before this happened. I already suffer with PTSD - feeling really lousy now. Having survived four suicide attempts in the past - wary of trying again.

    Scared of reporting it to the police - do not trust their policy on rape victims with mental illnesses.

  2. total eclipse

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    Oh hun i am so sorry for you loss and the abuse you have endured. Hun report it ok at least then the cops will have a record of his name If he abuses anyone again there will be a record ok You may find it too difficult to go to court but reporting it is just that getting his name in record so they will watch him ok Mental illness should not even come into fact here It will help you so much to just report him hun hugs
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    Relationship provide a standard base in the life where person finds happiness around him. I will pray to God to praise every person with love of their soul mate .
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    I am also so sorry for your loss...please do follow up and also get the supportive care you deserve...what an awful experience...please continue to share with us so you know you are not alone
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    gemini15, Please find a counselor who will help you through this and shop around to find one with caring, compassion, and empathy. You can't go through this alone. You need to be re empowered and get your self esteem back. I know. I've been through it. Rape is about violence towards women, not sex, so any woman is a target. Peace.