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Lost all hope

I lost my Dad (died) 1 year ago and now i have lost my girlfreind she left me a week ago and i dont no if i can take it anymore i think about her all day every day.

She says it is not me but her what the F*CK dose that mean i have tryed to get her back with no luck.

The only reason i have not done it yet is i know it will hurt her to much but mabey it is time to think about me for a change.

2 year means nothing she was my soul mate i will love her forever.

Is it always going to be this painful.

I think i need help.


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Yeah, I don't really know what the "It's not you, it's me" line is all about but it's not really pleasant to be on the receiving end of it without much of an explanation mostly because if it's not you then how do you fix it, right?

If it's something to do with her then she'll have to work her problems out for herself and just know that it's not your fault that things didn't turn out the way you had wanted them to.

As for the pain...all I can say is I'm really sorry that you lost your dad and your relationship with your girlfriend didn't work out. As someone who is carrying old wounds around with me I can say that the pain does lessen and it does get easier to deal with (or at least it has for me). Just hang in there and try to spend some time doing things for yourself like learning about things that you've always wanted to learn or doing things you enjoy or talking to people who make you feel better...eventually the pain will fade.

There are lots of people here to talk to if you ever need to talk. Send me a pm if you ever want to talk. :smile:


It is hard letting go of someone you love so dearly. It can feel like the end of the world with your heart in pieces but everything happens for a reason.

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