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    I am feeling so alone right now.

    I recently split with my girlfriend of 15 years because we have nothing in common apart from our 9 year old son.
    For years now we have been like housemates who barely tolerate each other. I met some friends that I had known online for a while last October and they made me realise I have friends who have a lot in common with me and that are me realise how little I had on common with my girlfriend.

    One of my friends became very close after I confided in her that relationship was over. This friend is married with 2 kids but she seemed so unhappy with her marriage.
    We spend hours each day messaging each other and she sitter she was thinking what life with me would be like. Now she has become distant and won't admit whether she has had second thoughts or if she is just scared of ending her marriage (something she has admitted in the past). Now I have been left hanging with no way of knowing where my life is headed and I feel like ending my life to stop the pain of being alone.
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    grass is NOT always greener on the other side she has a family children let them work on their marrage without interverance ok YOu work on your relationship if it is not what you want it to be then get into therapy together for sake of you son if it is not repairable then at least get therapy together to help your son see that it is not his fault his mother and father broke up. When there is children involved their needs come first alway a parent would know that
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    You are not alone, you still have a 9 year old child that can use as many hours a day as you are willing to give to them. Aside from your child, it is up to you whether you stay inside your apartment alone or choose to go out and be around people.Strangers are only strangers until you meet them, and while that is not necessarily easy for most people I can guarantee if you do not go out to see and try to meet them they will not suddenly start coming to your house to meet you. Take your child to parks and places where kids congregate and meet some woman that is single and alone with a child and also feels lonely and like there is nobody else.
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