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  1. forever_scarred

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    for many months i have felt lost and abandoned since my friend Megan moved without a word...i have only seen her once and only for a few minutes. She was my best friend but more than that she knew it all and understood how i felt. She was non-judgmental towards my thoughts and feelings but like the rest grew more disinterested as time went on. When she moved without a word I felt so broken and have since but tonite i feel like i have truly lost her forever. I signed into facebook to check messages and posted right in front of me are engagement pictures...she didnt say a word to me...she keeps saying im the only friend she has and yet everyone else knew but me. I dunno what to think anymore, this is pretty much the last straw for me. I dont trust anyone anymore...(not like i had anyone really to begin with). Ive been lonely to the point of wanting to die but shes been there...now i dunno what i will do. I should be happy for Megan but im not. If anything im hurt and a bit jealous...she has everything i have ever wanted, she has a mom and dad, extended family, a child, a man who loves her, a home and a life. All the things I would kill to have but never will.

    God why do I even care anymore, why do i fight to live at all? :cry2:
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    You fight to live because one day you will have a man who loves you and get married as well?
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    sorry to hear what happened with your friend ...I don't understand how people can be so insensitive..
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    well obviously you can tell from this that ur best friend myt have been mad at you or upset with you for some reason. Thats why she moved without a word... find out the reason n apologise.. same shit happened with me..
    we havent been friends eva since.