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my fiancee is a crackhead and spent 3 months of our rent on it. i just found this out a week ago. i have been trying to help her get better but i have failed she left last night to get a pack of smokes at the corner gas station and has been gone for 16 hours now. i wrote a suicide note last night. i am alone here. i have noone to talk to. im too embarrased to call my parents for emotional help. they went through this with my dad 10 years ago. i now know how my mom felt. i need help badly. before i do something stupid that will hurt more than just me.

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It is good you see that you do need help hun. Call the crisis line okay i am telling you i did last night and it calm me alot YOur parent love you okay you need to reach out to them as well You cannot help your gf only she can do that YOu need to look after YOU only okay if need be go to hospital and talk to someone there h ugs


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yeah, helpline sounds like it could be good.

So it sounds like you feel like you can live without your fiancee, but at the same time she is bringing you down.

I think that she has to want to get better before you can help her get better.

Maybe getting some support from your parents would help. sounds like it would be hard for you to do though.

you can get some support right here too though.

I think that you can get better, but you may need a lot of support to do it. you may have to be pretty strong to get through the short run, but I bet in the long run things can get a lot better

do you want to talk about where you are at in terms of therapy and meds?
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