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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Ivehad, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Ivehad

    Ivehad New Member

    I have lost my children to the local authority and 3 out of my 4 are in care. Two are placed in one placement my daughter is another. My eldest is with his dad. They want to adopt my daughter and want my youngest son to be considered for adoption too. My other son has special needs and no one wants him, has been to two foster placements already and they are now considering some sort of home. I WANT THEM.

    They are taking me to court to try and stop all contact with them while the proceedings are on going. They say they have an attachment disorder, yet they can not see that is removing them and shoving them in different homes that has caused it.

    I have had enough I am not sure how long I can continue to fight this.

    I just want to die. It hurts too much to go on.
  2. frantic

    frantic Well-Known Member

    i am so so sorry. i don't know what happened for your little ones to be taken away, but i do know that it can happen fast, suddenly, and totally unjustified, when others who reallly shouldn't have their kids have their kids returned. my kids went to foster care two years ago when i was hospitalized and my husband was working overseas. dhs said i had too many hospitalizations. they also came up with that attachment crap and some other bs. they sent in one of their "counselors" for weekly "sessions". well, she kept telling them that we are perfectly normal and didn't need her and that she recommended closing the case. we spent our "sessions" playing cards. (and dhs ofd course charged us for that) so eventually she was replaced by a total bitch and it would take too long toexplain it all, but i feel for you. my kdis were returned as soon as i was discharged formt he hospital and my husband cmae home on emergecny leave too. but it took a good year to get rid of dhs. and there are no drugs or alcohol or violence in our home. totally ridiculous. luckily we had a really nice judge. my court appointed attourney was useless.

    anyway, don't give uyp, keep fighting. it sounds like you love your kids very muich. and like i said, i don't know what happened in your case, but i do know that having your kids taken awway does not mean your a bad mother. hell, my husband's little brother died in 2009 from a drug overdose. he left behind two small boys and his girlfriend, the mother of those boys. she too was/is on drugs, is homeless, no job, no food, no nothing. cps was called finally, they took the kids. girlfriend went to court, failed the drug test, was ordered to get off the drugs. got the kids back. failed the next drug test. and so on. in and out of jail. she is a total trainwreck and is going to be the next part of a statistic. yet she got her kids back, something nobody in the family understands. and those kids are very troubled teenagers now, who live with grandma, nodoby knows where their mom is, she doesn't give a shit about her kids.

    good luck, i hope it all works out for you.
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