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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by badlife, May 3, 2012.

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  1. badlife

    badlife Active Member

    for the last 5-6 months my depression has been severe. every day i cant stop thinking about ending it all. i have no one to talk to. school and family problems have been getting to me. the majjor problem is with school. what made me feel bad about my self was the school counsiler told me to be a good student showing up to all my classes and doing all my work because i was like that at the begginning of the year. i have given up trying to do good due to the fact it is hard for me to do the school work due to you need to have creativity and i do not. i have never been a good student at my old shcool i would show up to the classes when i felt like it and only did enoughwork to pass me by a point or 2. the teachers and teacher aids are always breathing down my neck naging me to do the work and some treating me like im 5 which drives me insane. i also have to deal with the teachers complaining when i dont do the work or in the time frame they want. i have wanted to drop out of school for the past 5 years due to the fact im not good at school and the career im going into you dont need to be book smart. my mother wants to hear nothing about me dropping out she thinks that everyone has to college and everyone is good in school since she was. my mother was in all honors classes. i do not think a can make it through 1 more year of high school from everything. most of my family problems revolve around my mother. my mother is didabled and thinks everyone owes her because of it. my mother treats me like a slave to put it. i am expected to do everything since my sister is lazy and my father is at work. my mother will tell me to to do something once a minute every minute. my mother treats medical problems like there a compition to see who can have the most and worst so i can not get help about anything because of that i have not told her about any of my sucidal thoughts. she also yells if anyone says anything in general or against her while she is talking or watching tv or thinking. she sits in my living houses living room for up to 20 hours a day and is talking for most of that or watching tv. so i cant say anything at all when in my house. all if this has just been build up in me and driving me insane and just want it to end at any costs. i have also started smoking again to keep my mind distracted from everything going on in my life. i am in need of help badly can someone give me advice or something.

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  2. windlepoons

    windlepoons Well-Known Member

    Your mother sounds like she is so focused on her own issues she cannot see others have problems too? Can you talk to her, tell her its not easy to do chores all the time and keep up at school?

    What job do you intend to go into when you leave school?
  3. pppqp

    pppqp Well-Known Member

    hugs to you, hun

    you said you didn't have to be book smart for the career you were going into. anyhow, if you are in grade 11 or 12 right now, my sincere advice is please be patient. it does make a different to finish high school. you can do it, hun. put more effort, and keep holding on :hug:

    about your mother, have you ever told her that you cannot take all these stresses anymore? i also have a very selfish and lazy brother so i can relate here. how about asking your mother to tell your sister to help you... idk but it seems like she can control everyone, so maybe she can force your sister to do the work as well?

    hun, you also need professional help for your depression and suicidal thoughts. pls get help before things get worse.

    take care xxx
  4. Whispers

    Whispers Banned Member

    Hi, badlife. I am interested in your situation. Would you mind talking to me about it? I am a good listener. Why don't you PM, IM or talk to me here about it? I am mainly in the chat rooms. Would love to listen.
  5. badlife

    badlife Active Member

    i can not talk to my mother about anything if i asked her to help she would scream saying shes in pain so she cant do anything. my sister will not help with anything she will start an argument too just so she has a fake excuse to do work or she will just leave for a couple hours. i intend to be a mechanic when i get out of school
  6. StevenSiew

    StevenSiew Well-Known Member

    You should go on strike. Then maybe people in your life might appreciate you better.
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