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Lost forever

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I have been raised in childrens homes all my life since the age of 3 and i have had many horrible placements. Out of all of the places ive been there were only ever 2 places where the people were nice to me and i didnt suffer abuse. One of those although i was only there 6 months wanted to adopt me but if you are adopted you cant see any of your biological family and i was upset about that because i have sisters. These people were desperate to adopt me but they couldnt because of this. While i was there i went to private school was well dressed well cared for and treat extremely well. I loved these people very much. They also already had 1 adopted child who was five years older than myself. When social services came to take me away i was devastated. I even ran away to try and get back to them. I could remember their first names but only vaguely the last name but i found someone on the internet who could have been their daughter.Even though 24 years had passed i was still looking for them. I messaged her on a friend finding site and asked if i had the right person. That was almost 8 months ago then Today i had a message from friends reunited and it was from their daughter i had found them!! She informed me that both her mother and father had passed away ! I had searched for them for so long ! and i find them and they are no longer alive ! dont put of getting in touch with someone you care about you never know how long they are with you for

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Hi hun i am glad they were there for you though i am sure you brought them much joy. Iam glad you were able to have some closure though finding their daughter hugs to you


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thankyou hun. Yes she said they had lots of photographs of me and that they talked about me right up until they died she said her mam loved me to bits and that they always wondered if i was ok. Im just really sad that i didnt get to see them before they died. Im very glad ive found their daughter though. Im hoping she will send me some pictures. xx

While I am happy you found them, I am sad for you that they are no longer with us for you to reconnect with.

You are correct - life is too short sometimes.



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At least you found your foster sister...so sorry they had passed away, but I am sure they knew how much you all cared for each other...maybe you can do something in their memory, send a donation, voluteer, write a poem, draw a picture, etc. so you have some closure...J
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