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Lost, forgotten and non-repairable?

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i dont know what to do.. im totally lost.. i feel like im hangning off the edge of the cliff.. and nobody's there to help me up and slowly.. im slipping. i know... that once i fall again.. im not going to be able to get back up. i keep getting pushed aside in my life . My siblings are more important. nobody really cares about me. all i wanna do is cut but on the other hand i know i cant. second after second.. i keep thinking.. should i end it all? should i just..let go? i dont know how to live mylife. and i have noone to talk to. i dont know what to do. im letting go of everything i once cared for.. forgetting how much my family and friends mean to me. but its not my fault. im slowly closing up..pushing everyone away cuz im scared. im just a scared kid nobody cares about. and i dont know what to do :( please.. somebody help me?


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I am so saddened to hear how you feel...and, yes, you are repairable...by how you write you sound like you have a lot of insight and talent...it is so tragic to feel like left-overs...I know the feelings well...my younger brother was perfect (a racist who became a salesman), and I was garbage...I was never enough...they worshiped his little league games, while I cleaned and painted the house, cleared the backyard, helped dig the water lines, etc...and all I got was more chores...today, I am a kind, woman who has good friends and an clear understanding of how to forgive...you are not forgotten...you are important and perfect just as you are...your parents do not see the treasure they were given...I feel sad for them too...please continue to share with us so that in a few years, you can tell the story of how you became the jewel you were meant to be...big hugs, J
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