Lost In Despair

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  1. Lost In Despair

    Please sweetheart, I need your help to complete
    The puzzles leading to my defeat
    Please, be the one with whom I can confide
    This mess I have made of my mind
    Please, be there when I finally wake
    And tell me it's not all such a mistake

    Because as I sink deeper into my despair
    I fear I'll look up and you won't be there
    For I have pushed you too far to want to stay
    And you couldn't live with it for one more day
    I want to breathe and feel alive
    To look at you and know we have survived

    Guilt is like a disease, it can make you ill
    And the past, though gone, sickens me still
    I know I ask so much of you
    And it hurts to face the truth
    I never did deserve your love, your care
    So you really should just leave me here, alone in my despair
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.