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Lost it again!

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I was going ok, living in my world where i ignore the truth and what needs to b done, but i cant do that forever. I cant just b friends wit him, not even friends wit benefits. We r either together or im nothing, 2 choices and only one that is possible....so looks like im nothing, just a shell of a girl. a girl that was once the top of her class. a girl that was voted most popular, nicest and most dateable girl in her whole school. now this girl is burried, burried by the lies and betrayel and most of all by lost love. All thats left is my shell, so whats the point? i could always try to fall in love again, or try to get over him, but thats not part of the future i had planned out, and to b honest, im just sick getting up everyday and facing the world everyday. the only way to beat a fear is to face it right? what if i dont want to beat it n e more? what if ive lost all will to try...is there is point at all?
Shauna Lea, Things do not always work out as we plan for our futures. When something goes wrong we have to assess the damage, pick ourselves up off the floor and start fresh. You are still young and have a bright future ahead of you. It may not seem like it at the moment, but it is true. You have to believe to achieve. You remember the good times you had and how things used to be. You have the ability to get there again should you so desire. Use those memories to replace the others. Don't give up on yourself Shauna. We haven't. :hug:

I Miss You

Shauna hun.please dont do this.you are one of my best friends here.i wish you were online so we could talk.please dont do this.i know what you are going through.i just dont want you to leave me...i dont want to lose someone else i care about.i love you hun.please stay with me.


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thats what happened to me. but i worked through it , i still am fighting.
uve got to satay in we all care about you. ive said this to heaps of people in here: meditate. it really helps.

please stay. dont leave us.


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Shauna Lea, i know things can look impossible at times but dont keep giving up the fighting. Im sure you are still a popular girl at your school, dont let your self destructive behaviour interfere. Stay strong hun,
sending lots of love,
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