"Lost" Just something I wrote back in 2009

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  1. Darkness cradles me in her arms,
    The only one to keep me calm,
    My only long term friend,
    The only one to turn to,
    Again and again.
    Weeping silently, I'm all alone,
    Shut away inside my dome,
    Communication always fails,
    Leaving me lost on a moonlit trail.
    Pain is rising, in my veins it flows,
    The endless cycle, no one knows.
    My mind is racing, my mouth won't work,
    Can nobody pick me up out of the dirt?
    Hatred burning, bright as day,
    I can no longer keep the voice at bay,
    Mocking me, taunting me, it's there to stay.
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    It is written very well lost is a great title for what you have depicted with words hugs
  3. Thanks. I've got a bit of writer's block, I haven't written a whole lot since 2007. xP I started writing a small vampire story but I didn't get super far, just 20 or so pages. :lol!:
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