Lost Little Girl

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  1. A little girl is
    Lost in the world
    Trying to find her way.
    She wants to be fit in
    She wants to be loved.

    A lost little girl
    Who walks through life alone
    begs for acceptance
    In this closed-minded world.
    She looks and looks
    All she sees is deception and lies.
    She's ready to give up
    And live like how society looks at her.

    Suddenly she sees a pair of eyes
    A pair of eyes looking for the same thing.
    The eyes belong to a girl who is lost all the same
    and searching for her place as well.
    They know who they are finally.
    The missing piece of the puzzle for each of them.
    They hold each other
    Like frightened children
    During a thunderstorm.

    They begin their journey
    Holdiing hands
    Its bright and sunny and warm where they are.
    When all of a sudden
    Everything grows dark
    There's a horrible storm
    Sleet and freezing rain.
    They cling to each other for dear life
    But a force breaks their embrace
    And they get seperated.
    The lost little girl is back where she started
    Alone and incomplete.

    Until she sees a light at the end of the tunnel.
    She knows for a fact
    Her missing piece
    The girl with the eyes
    is in the light.
    She journeys over to the light
    But gets blown back
    Everytime she almost reaches it.

    Someday, somehow
    The lost little girl will reach the light.
    As for the girl with the eyes
    She'll wait patiently
    For all eternity
    If need be.
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    this is a beautiful poem :hug:
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