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Lost love: a beginning or an end

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You came to me as no one had,
With dreams I longed to share
A man once proud with eyes so sad
You caught me unaware.

Without a hint, without a sign
My heart went out to you
And dreamt that one day you'd be mine
To keep and hold as true.

I chased a dream that had no end
Went searching for the stars
Now here I am and have to mend
My broken heart of scars.

My tears will dry and run anew
Until all hope is lost
How can I bear to make it through
Without you, at what cost?

My friend, my lover, sweet and kind
One day I'll learn to live
Without you always on my mind
My heart I'll have to give
To someone else who feels the same
And loves as much as I
For what I said I feel no shame
None of it was a lie.
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