Lost momentum. Like paralized...


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Hi, folks. As maybe some of you know, I've got a huge financial hole and have to move ASAP. I WAS moving till yesterday, when another "error" in the retirement system blocked my account. I had a crisis. And, although it was partially arranged today - not without a pile of problems - I was left exhausted and indifferent to everything (I didn't even feel happy or alleviated). I said to myself I should make a nap but couldn't even rest. I remind myself all I have to do and almost yell at myself: "At least do something!". But can't even take the trash outside.
I have no energy to do whatever I like. Even walking my beloved dogs was a burden today. I feel sad for them... that's the only feeling I register: sadness.


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I would never describe the road of recovery to be straight. There are loops, so many loops. And when you find yourself in one you feel like a failure. But you have not failed. Soon you will recall the skills you have learned on your road and apply them. You are strong enough to do it and you being here proves it.

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