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lost my best friend =*(

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no she didn't die, but I rly fucked up with her and I'm afraid I lost her 4ever.

plz I rly need help. she's 1 of the only friends I have and she has been rly good 2 me, she's helpped me thru a lot of shit. I don't wanna lose her

I don't wanna say everything here, I'd rather talk personally with som1 who wouldn't mind. and plz, only if u have an instant messanger bcuz pm's r kind of inconvenient.

thank you


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Grovel if you have to. My best friend mega fucked up with me and I thought I'd never forgive her, but she wrote me the most pleading letter and apologised so profoundly that I had to forgive her.

Try saying to her what you said here, if you're truly sorry and she's a forgiving sort you'll get her back.

good luck hun.


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wow, messing up friendships especially the close ones can be very difficult to deal with.....Im real sorry that happen to you....but maybe you can do like Devastated said and write a sincere apology to her and see what happens from thier.....as far as talking one on one we have site helpers who have IM messaging available you can always check who's online and IM a member of staff or a friend you have met here...best wishes to you....Jodi
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