Lost my dad

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    It's been almost 8 years and I still think about him every minute of everyday.

    He was such a lovely man. He worked in the Royal Navy and was always away and I really enjoyed him coming home so I could just cuddle him and go out somewhere with him. When I came one day from school, the Royal Navy officer people were sitting with my mum and my mum was howling. They came over, sat me down and told me my dad had a heart attack and was gone. And he wasn't coming back. Things got bitter between me and my mum and sister. I was so depressed. and I got no professional help to help me get over it. My mum did. I seemed to get forgotton about because I was only 7. But I can still remember every minute of that day.. the holding in the tears and then breaking down in my bedroom that night.

    Ever since my dad died, I have felt embarrassed about crying in front of people. I don't like showing emotion in front of people.

    I really miss my dad. I still cry all the time. I still feel pain. And it doesn't go away. And I feel so alone because my mum has remarried.. and she's moved on. My gran tells me not to mention my dad because it upsets my mum. So .. I just feel by myself :(
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    Im so sorry to hear you lost your dad. he sounded like a wonderful person.

    I can understand that your mum may have moved on but thats because she has had the help to do so and you havent. Have you thought about seeing a bereavement councillor? I know in the UK we have cruise (http://www.crusebereavementcare.org.uk/) Im not sure if they cover NI, but if not they may be able to advise you of someone who can.

    If you ever just want to chat, please PM me xx
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    Thanks I'll check the link out xx
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    hey, I'm so sorry about your dad.

    I usually hate it when people tell me they know how I feel..but I know how you feel :-( I los my dad 8 years ago..I was 8 and it was sudden aswell.

    I'll post a new thread about it now.

    Take care and please do contact me if you need someone to talk to with similar experience :)
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    :hug: :hug:
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    I'm so sorry for your loss :hug: