Lost my job today

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    Heya everyone,

    Feeling so sad and mad right now. 5 months of working at the same place and while I struggled over the last few months with a relapse, I've been trying to keep up with everything because giving up isn't an option. But then today my boss phoned up and fired me-saying that I was bringing the whole mood down in the workplace.
    It's funny, because I always still did my work and never said anything about my depression-tried to keep a happy face on.
    I'm relieved in a way because I felt as though some of the other staff were lazy-they were always making me serve while they ignored customers themselves. And that really irritated me.
    But I'm tired of having "normal" people walk over me because of depression.
  2. TrulyBlue

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    Just hope that this setback doesn't trigger bad feelings again. I've only just had my antidepressant dose increased and want to get better.
  3. cie

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    Hi there, that really sucks -- That's a horrible reason to fire someone to begin with, and depending where you live, can even be illegal if it's legitimate illness that doesn't incapacitate you from doing your work. Not being happy enough is no fair reason for firing you, and you should look at it in the sense that they just proved to be bad, and you got away from them!

    I'm stubborn and vengeful in some ways, personally I'd find a community lawyer and make them compensate at the very least for not giving notice - I assume that based on your words. Again this depends on your country :/

    Good luck and don't let it get you down.
  4. TrulyBlue

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    Thanks Cie, am trying hard to not let it get me down. My husband said he wouldn't have lasted a week at my work without telling them all where to go, so I shouldn't worry about what's happened.
    Fortunately there seems to be plenty of jobs where I live(Australia), so hopefully it won't take long to find another one where the conditions are better. I also called FairWork Australia to get advice and it turns out it'll cost me a fair bit to send off paperwork, get a lawyer and go through court plus the added stress which won't be a good thing.
    It's not the best character trait of mine, but I hope karma does bite them where the sun doesn't shine :)
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    hey blue. i used to work in a place where i was bitched at for not smiling. you'll get a better job. just keep searching. i have severe depression bouts that cause me to not want to get up and do anything. but you sound strong and intelligent. so hold on. *hug
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    It sounds to me like your boss did you a favor by doing this to you. If you were that hard of a worker, and a lot of others were not, then maybe your good ethic didn't fit in in that place. The boss would have to have no brains whatsoever to get rid of someone who does such a good job. And if the staff was that lazy, then it was only going to be a matter of time before your efforts were going to aggravate them because they look bad by comparison! So, anything else will be better than this! And I think that once you find a job to replace this one, you'll see how much better you feel.
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    *hugs* Hang in there, TB.

    What does Australia have as far as unemployment/job laws go? That doesn't really sound like a legit reason to fire someone unless you were doing something that affected the customers. Here in the US they could get into a lot of trouble for firing someone for a reason like that if the person chose to fight it. You could get unemployment benefits and they would have to pay for it.
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    Thanks for the replies and support everyone :)

    In Australia, it's illegal to discriminate against anyone who has a medical condition such as depression. My former employer can get into alot of trouble for this so I'm currently looking at getting legal advice about this situation.
    As far as work went, I was always on time and never took sickies. Always did my work and followed orders without complaint, although it did irritate me(and eventually got me down, but I always tried to keep on smiling) when some of the other workers refused to serve and always called on me, so often I would be racing back and forth between doing my jobs and serving while the other workers would be out the back doing their jobs and laughing and gossipping(having a good time).
    It was exhausting work physically and often I would have to stay back without pay just to finish anything that I hadn't done due to being flat-out serving customers.

    But despite being fired, I'm feeling such a sense of relief at being free from that job and fortunately my hubby holds a good job so me losing my job won't put us in serious financial trouble.