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lost my job

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Fuckin hell. I just got fired today. one of my coworkers found out that i smoke pot and decided that i was some kind of sinner for it. she's one of those goody two shoes christian girls that thinks she's above everyone. So anyway, She tells my manager that i was high at work (which i wasnt). and he tells me i have to take a urine test to make sure im not "abusing" drugs. So the test came back today and tested positive for THC, so he fired my ass.
The fucked up thing about it though, is that i never did smoke at work. Its just that THC stays in your system for a while, and i had smoked the night before. But i just think its fucked up that i am being punished for something i do in the privacy of my own home; thats not hurting anyone in anyway. Why do they care what i do, as long as it doesnt affect my job performance.
Oh well, i fucking hated working there anyway. Fuck'em.


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I understand your frustration very well and agree that it's not fair, never has been fair, when it comes to drug testing.:dry: Testing doesn't test for the drug itself, only for the 'metabolites', which is, I believe, how you body metabolizes it, what it becomes. And the fact that it stays in the system longer than, say, alcohol, which in my opinion is a more harmful drug despite it's being legal, does you in when you're tested. You could have smoked a small amount a week or two ago and still test positive, looking like you'd done it before work - grossly unfair, imho.:mad:

It also depends on where you live, and what the drug policies are in your city/state. Some states are more reasonable than others, most are still in the Dark Ages when it comes to marijuana. I'm really sorry to hear of your misfortune, and mad as hell that your co-worker's word was taken for truth, when in a court of law it would be considered "hearsay" and not admissible as evidence.:mad: If you felt like taking on a fight, it might be interesting - to say the least - in talking to your ex-boss and mentioning a lawsuit over them taking your co-worker's word and not discussing it with you. I mean, if you hadn't had an accident at work or anything like that, and if your work record was otherwise clean, that smacks of favoritism - and not toward you.:mad:

It may be a matter of time before some countries jump off the "reefer madness" bandwagon, I certainly hope so...



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Sorry you lost your job and hope you will find something soon. I am absolutely opposed to random drug tests or tests based on heresay. The only thing that should be important is how well you do the job. Observed job performance is the only thing that should be important. I hate the intrusion into privacy by drug testing. This doesn't mean I support the use of drugs, but I am deeply opposed to violations of privacy.

Good luck

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