Lost my uncle (9/27/2010), Grandma (9/13/1999), and another Uncle (9/27/09)

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    Uncle (9/27/2010)- He had lung cancer. It was inoperable. He was one of the only uncles I was ever close to. I never got to see him before he passed, my dad wouldn't let me. He thought I couldn't handle seeing him... I'm 17... I think I'm old enough... Anyway, we had so many memories together from when I was a little girl. I miss him so much. I hate the fact I was never able to say goodbye.

    Grandma (7/13/1999)- My grandma died 5 days before my birthday. She babysat me as a child, when my dad was working. She had tumors in her brain and also something with her stomach, I think. Her death affected me so badly. I still haven't gotten over it, 11 almost 12 years later. I remember the day she died oh so clearly. Our entire family was at the house visiting (That's A LOT of people)... My dad and my aunt were inside giving my grandma her medicine. About 30 minutes later my dad came outside where we all were and said grandma had passed on. I remember not understanding what he meant. The funeral home had already came and took her body... I ran inside to her room screaming for her, and I found an empty room. I looked under her bed, in the closet, everywhere. And obviously didn't find her. I was devastated. I was all smiles at her funeral, I remember looking up at my dad and seeing a pained expression on his face. But he never cried. A few months later, I remember running into the living room crying, and my dad asked what was wrong. I said I missed grandma, and he said he did too...

    Uncle (9/27/2009)- I didn't know him too well, I only really met him twice. He lived in New Mexico so I never got to see him. He died from cancer of the larynx. I regret never being able to see him. I don't wanna miss out on any other family members... but they all live so far away.

    It's really tough losing people close to you. I still haven't gotten over my grandma... Any tips on feeling better about it?
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    I am sorry for all your losses feeling better that take time take maybe some grief therapy We all grieve differently Doing something to commemorate your loves ones help plant a favorite tree in memory of them or help out with raising money for cancer etc Remember how your loved ones were when they were happy and here with you and how they would only want happiness for you :hugtackles::hugtackles: