Lost of My Fiance

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by G&S, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. G&S

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    Im new here. I lost my fiance, boyfriend of 8 years on 12.14.10. Im looking for support groups, possibly specific to spousel support in Southern Orange County. Does any one here have some advice? I am a train wreck wanting to just be with him, is ripping me to pieces. I need help!
  2. plshelpme

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    hey...i don't really know any other support groups...

    and i know it's difficult right now, but it HONESTLY gets better...very slowly...but it does...i can promise you that...
    i couldn't imagine going through what you are, and i am sorry this happened to you...but please hang in there...
    and come talk to us...this forum is really good...the ppl here are pretty amazing...
    we'll get you through this if you can't find a more specific support group...
  3. G&S

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    I have located one support group, waiting for a call back to confirm location. I am such a vortex for these overwhelming emotions and they can switch from ANGER to PURE LOVE to ABANDONMENT to being semi catatonic in a matter of minutes. How do I go on when it's always been Team G&S and now it's just.....S. See and here I am back to SAD, CONFUSED and CRYING. He was my Titon and now....just gone. HELP!
  4. damage.case

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    Healing takes time. A lot of time.
  5. DMOS

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    There isn't much I feel I can say to help you right now, but I can tell you that we are here for you whenever you're feeling like it's too much to bear. Losing someone you love can strip all happiness from your life, but it is so essential to remind yourself that there is still so much beauty and life all around you.
    I'm sending as much love as I can to you in such a difficult time!