Lost someone, again.

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Sycotic_Sarah, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. My uncles mother died on Saturday night, I only just found out today, all of us did.

    She had a condition, I think it's like, dementia, and she was getting really bad, she died in a fire, I hate thinking about it, she probably suffered, ... urgh.
    She lit a cigarette, and it set alight to the covers, she must've forgot she lit it, and the house caught up in flames...

    I never really knew her. But I'd heard about her alot. She was a nice, lovely lady. I miss her, even though I hardly knew her. She was family though.

    My uncle hasn't even found out, he's on holiday.
    What a friggin' event to happen whilst on holiday huh?

  2. Shadowlands

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    I'm sorry for your loss, Sarah. :hug:
  3. Beret

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    So sorry for your loss :(
    May she rest in peace
  4. bella muerte

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    i'm sorry hunny :hug:
    i know how your feeling, i recently lost a relative to dementia too and like you i didn't know her well. :sad:

    keep the good memories alive for everyone, including you.
    she's at peace now, looking down on you, wishing you happiness,
    making sure your ok.
  5. Anime-Zodiac

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    My Condolences to your family.
  6. thankyou everyone. :(
  7. White Dove

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    i am so sorry what happened to you..

    my love and prayers are for you tonight :hug: