lost the last thing in my life worth living for

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by liveinhope, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. liveinhope

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    i need to just get this out i have been living for the past year for a very special little girl my grandaughter i was at her birth i had her live with me until she was 3 months old i rented my house to them so she had a garden i had her ev,ry friday night and sat.i had many dark times filled with thoughts of suicide i would hang in for her, to see her grow up, to see her start school, to see her become a lady. Its has been hard to stay but ive lived for her she was my focus and now she to has been taken from me
    my son and partner have split she is denying us access to her , her parents do not live in very hygenic conditions and they seem to have the power just now. Im sure im going to be told to fight we have rights but im to exhausted to fight my health is still not good and treatment is making me tired i dont think i can go on i think ive fought my last battle and now i feel i want to surrender to a different place one that i really hope will bring me peace
    thank u all here at sf fo all the support u have offered me i hoe u all find solutons and manage to have a certain amount of happiness bestowed upon u i made some good friends here ty:sad:
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    :hug: to you Patience.
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    {{{{{{GIANT HUGS}}}}}}}}

    Thats.....just fucked up, unfortunatly the mother gets the last say alot, unless she does something wrong.... It sucks and even though they have laws to protect the other people involved with the child it still happens... I syour son going to fight for custody??
    Even though you dont have her with you right now you can still be there for her as she grows up....
    We never had much contact with my grandparents growing up or any of my dads family but when i was old enough i saw them by myself... I was even there to sit with them when they passed....
    And you can still watch her from a distance...
  4. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    thanks ur kind words i cant see her she wont let me or my son she is telling a heap of lies asbout him and making him look really bad which is breaking my heart becouse hes a good guy and a really loving dad he has provided for them both by working 2 jobs and she ha done nothing but we got on becouse it was his choice to be with her he idolised his daughter as we did :sad:
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