Lost What Little Hope I Had

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    I am a 19 year old college student at Hampden Sydney, and I have lost any hope of ever finding a girl who will actually consider me a boyfriend. Before I say anymore, I need to get something clear...and I hate saying this because there is no way I can say it without sounding completely full of myself, which is far from the truth. I have been told I am a really great looking guy, I have modeled for studio art classes and I go to the gym reguarly, I dont have a problem establishing a physical connection with girls, but I cannot for the life of me keep a girlfriend for more than a few weeks. I am one of those "Nice Guys," I hold the door, pay for dinner, joke around, and never wish to use or harm anyone I am dating. I constantly see asshole guys abusing women, cheating on women, and just generally making their girlfriends seem unhappy. I have gotten to the point where I look myself in the mirror and say "Whats the point in being good anymore?" It seems that the worse a person is, the more attractive that person becomes. My ex-girlfriends have had boyfriends who have treated them like garbage, but those boyfriends have lasted months longer than myself. At first this was a small problem that bothered me, but not to the extent that it was constantly on my mind. Now almost everyday I pass couples who are happy and long for something, someone, to look at me the way those two are looking at eachother. I just dont see what I am doing wrong, I just dont know what I can do. I have lost faith in myself and I dont know how to get it back, whenever I see two people together it is a constant reminder of how lonely I am. I am tired of just sleeping with women, I want someone to hold, and watch a movie with on my couch, joke around and feel like I acomplished something when I make her smile, I want someone who can just care for me the way I care for them. The more and more I think about it, if these guys can find someone like that then what does that make me? I am in a general malaise, I am constantly sad, and I dont know what to do anymore, please someone help me.....I need someone to help me.
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    Just a thought, but what type of girl are you tending to go for?
    If it's all about how they look this might be where the problem lies:unsure:
    How about making some girl friends (as in girls who are friends not dates)
    you'll be more relaxed and you can get to know each other properly, if it then turns to romance all the better :smile: