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    Lost you, Found you

    I lost you brother, I lost you friend.

    Ive lost so much, Im near the end.

    Peace be with me, For what Ive lost.

    The rule of three is what it cost.

    Innocence fading in one night.

    Shocking me into a fright.

    With three hits your soul did leave.

    Causing my life to upheave.

    Now I sit here in this room.

    My only friend, impending doom.

    I must find my friend in need.

    I must look for him in me.

    Ive found you brother, Ive found you friend.

    There is no need for the end.

    Peace be with you, for you were lost.

    Im done paying for you the cost.

    Go now my brother, go in peace.

    My pain and torment begin to ease.

    I will see you in the ever after.

    I must begin a new chapter.

    You must go on without me.

    The Gods are ready to recieve thee.

    I will follow when I am done.

    But for now this spirit isnt done
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Not open for further replies.