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    So i'm not exactly sure what to say or how to start this off but here it goes. I don't know when my depression started then again i think I've always been depressed its just never been this bad. I'm 18 and along with my depression i struggle with bulimia. I have also been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I am constantly having panic attacks. I never wanted to be the girl who had to struggle with all these issues and i'm starting to feel like nothing will get better. I don't see the point anymore in trying or even living. it's all these little problems that add up and things just constantly get worse i cant make anything okay and i can't make myself okay.
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    As you have a diagnosis, I presume you are connected to a pdoc...are you on meds? In either case, please tell him/her how you are doing so that s/he can suggest intervention...and please keep posting...knowing others understand does really help
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    All I know is ever since I was small is that things get better. They always do. I just had the shittiest day ever, EVEN HAD TO FIGHT MY OWN SHIRT OFF TO GET IN THE SHOWER! I know it gets bad, and food is delicious. I'm trying to do a proper weight gain routine where I eat roasted chicken with gravy and I drink tons of water. I also sometimes like to eat carrots and season them with lemon pepper.

    Just take in small amounts of what you need and focus on something else. I've focused all my attention on my GED like I've never been able to do in school. I passed. I'm studying my SAT, going to carry on to my ACT, and maybe even skip a class in college next year by taking the CLEP. The thing is with this depression is, it likes to try and be your best friend. Eventually you start buddying up with it. Letting it tell you what to do. I hate when anyone tells me what to do besides the law or someone higher up. So don't take shit, chick.

    I also had anxiety. But after a while I distanced myself from people because I suppose I don't really give a damn anymore. I can say whatever the hell I want to right in front of their face and if they got a problem with it they can go lick a babboon's ass.

    Don't worry chica, things do get better. I'm down too, just gotta keep getting back up with all you've got.