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    I'm feeling a little bit lost. I have been on holiday with my best mates for 7 days, being with them 24/7 as 4 of us slept in the same room. I got back today. It's been less than 7 hours and I am missing them like mad already! I think its because i am going back to uni next week and wont be able to see them as much as i have done over the past 4 months that i have been home for summer.

    Another is that over the week i had loads of dreams. Quite intense. One was that i was really ill but too scared to go to docs (which happened before the hol) and one of my mates went to the docs for me and got me all the meds i needed. It was really strange. she was really taking care of me. And it has left me with feelings toward her that i wish i didnt have. I have never looked at her in that way and know she isnt gay or bi one bit. It's messing with my head a little, and its her i miss the most. And im scared she will pick up on it. She isnt homophobic - the opposite, but i dont know how she would react. i guess im jus being paranoid.

    Also i did something i shudnt and now im left feeling like i wont ever find anyone. Like im destined to be alone. I was so happy this morning. And i know this will pass, but im jus low rite now.

    Thank you for listening
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