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  1. magz74

    magz74 Well-Known Member

    im back again after being away for a while .for those who know me .my thourghts are the same .i have had problems with my 14 year old daughter..after a struggle i got her to the doctors,she is diagnosed depressed with self harm tendencys,i dont know for sure if she has self harmed ,only the doctors know ,she has been refered to the mental health unit,still awaiting an appointment...how id love to say me too,me too..help. i know exactly how she feel .yet how do i cope with her problems when i cant cope with my own..i cannot tell her i self harm too,how can life be so unfair .now i have both weights on my shoulders.i dont know if i can cope anymore
  2. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    i`m sorry to hear about that, but why can`t you tell your daughter? it could be very helpfull iif you both can support each other, you also could built a stronger relationtship, but if you`re telling her be sure she self harms,just in case you tell her and it gives her the idea. parent and daughter relationship can be so strong, so deep! Open to her, and work together , fight togheter!!
  3. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Hi magz. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has started self harming too. I agree that if you tell your daughter that you also self harm, then she will feel closer to you and that you really understand what she is going through. Plus, you and your daughter could make an agreement that you're both not going to self harm and support eachother throughout the process. :hug:
  4. alison

    alison Well-Known Member

    I know it will be hard, but I think it might be really great to tell your daughter about your self-harming tendencies also. When your daughter realizes that you understand where she's coming from, maybe she'll be more willing to open up to you and you can both heal together.

    I know personally that one of my biggest fears is that someone will see the scars on me and think I'm crazy, since it's such a difficult thing to understand if it's not you. On the other hand, it's been so nice to be able to talk to people here who understand why I might do such a thing. It's helped me to be able to understand kind of the root of some of my problems. I don't know if any of that makes sense... I just think that your daughter might feel she can trust you with her emotions more when she realizes that you know where she's coming from.

    Good luck hun :hug:
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