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  1. delicateshadow

    delicateshadow Antiquitie's Friend

    I'll be alone at home for 3 weeks from 5pm today.
    I can't cope.
    Life is too much for me.
    The world is too much for me.

    I have no heart.
    I can't feel love. I can't give or receive love.

    I've been dead the past nearly 40 years, so ending it now won't really make any difference.

    There's noone to save me, noone to care.
    There are several professionals who care for me. But that doesn't mean they care and would save me. Noone can do that, and there is noone to do that. All they are is professionals, at the end of the day. I may be in private treatment [apart from my GP] but that doesn't mean I get any crisis support.

    I'm too alone. Far too alone.
  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    Hey you are not alone you have us!!!

    I see you have been a member for awhile have you not gotten the support you need thus far here?

    I am 42 and have been alone a long damn ass time too but finding SF really made a difference for me...yes I know it is online but the people here know ME the good, the bad and the ugly and accept me.

    Do you have someone you talk with regularly? Ya know a friend you share life with...on line or real life?
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Loneliness dam it is the worse feeling isolated I am glad you have some professionals that care about you. The people here care and can relate even if it is just through the written word. A crisis line works in that you hear a real voice a caring voice they help you feel not so alone. try okay just talking to a real voice helps.
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