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  1. bob9798

    bob9798 New Member

    Hello ,Well where to start? Basically it all just sucks. I have been up and down all year. And I am so far down in a hole right now that I don’t even see any light. Suicidal thoughts are always there. Plans well plans are easy gun knife pills whatever , they are all easy to come by. Maybe even suicide by cop. I try to talk to people but there answers are always the same. “buck up” , “life is hard for everyone get over it”, “all you need is a job and everything will be better”, and my favorite is “deal with it”.I have nothing no hope no future just nothing. I keep trying to push the thoughts away but they are always there. What can I do? I am completely and hopelessly lost. The thoughts make sense the pain will stop! I will be forgotten in time. There is a small voice in my head that says no keep living. But the voice is getting quieter by the day. Soon it will be gone then what? Do I live or do I die? I don know. Confusion is reigning king. It just hurts so much. What to do what to do what to do. I JUST DON’T KNOW.
  2. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    Its hard to find help when you are feeling like that.
    Alot of people honestly don't know what to say or how to take it. "Get over it" is the common response.
    Its why people come here for help, to find people with similar issues and past issues to help guide people to recover.
    I do have alot of dark issues myself, but I'll be willing to tallk and help you as much as I can
    Name wise, I'm Shelbi.
  3. Anonymity

    Anonymity Member

    Not all of us come here to help appease the lost souls of others.

    I understand how you find it difficult to understand how others could simply push aside your troubles with a simple "get over it", or "deal with it", etc. It happens all the time ~ these people are usually just occupied with satisfaction and wouldn't want to meddle with your depressed woes. Other times they don't understand your predicament, or at least the severity of your depression.

    Life is life. Birth is the only occurrence in your life you cannot choose. If you don't like it, you could go as well end it ~ no one's stopping you. Its harsh and I have my own thought of suicide myself. People get in the way too often though, so I'm still alive (I find it rather miraculous). But in the end they just make it all the worse. I push aside my depression, move on, and then it comes back. And I don't ever want it to come back. There's really only one way to end it, regardless of all the things that people say about "therapy" and "thinking positive". Not all depression is curable, and the dreadful thought of having to go through years more of torturous dissatisfaction is one I would prefer death over.
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