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Well another bad day. I have been suffering from depression for quite some time now. Its very hard for me to open up and talk about it. I try not to show it around my friends and family because I dont want to bring them down.In the past 24 months I have lost my father and father in law, and now my brother in law is very sick. I have my sister and her family living with my husband and I because they have lost everything and cant afford to be on their own. with my own depression and the sadness from all of this, it is becoming overwhelming too me. My gp suggested I see a psychologist but I dont feel I can open up to one.So I feel like it wont help. Sometimes I feel like just going to sleep and not waking up. It gives me a sense of calm when I think of that. Dont know exactly what that means, but I guess its not good. I have read alot of posts and have seen alot of support given.Its nice to know that there are caring people out there Im glad I am here and I wish everyone well !!!!!!


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Hey There, A therapist would probably be better for you..They can teach you coping skills..And the difference from cognitive distortions.. These two things can improve your quality of life.. I really think you need an outlet so you don't feel depressed all the time..


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wow you have been and are going through so much ! your doctor is right it would probably benefit you to talk to someone. I know its a scary thought but it really could help. I hope you have a better day tomorrow :) xxxx
Getting out of the house could help perhaps. You seem surrounded by peope at home and you're trying to hide your feelings from them. Is there anywhere you could safely take a long walk, and find a spot to sit down and cry as much as you wanted to? Or just walk and observe everything around you to distract and uplift you? xx
To deal with the therapist-topic:
You don't have to go in detail for the first houres. You can talk about superficially topics to get to know him/her und to find out, whether you like him/her or not.

You have gone through a lot of misery an haven't gave up yet. I guess you've a strong personality and you've got my respect. :)
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