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im 22 years old.i can remember being 11 or 12 when i first had thoughts of suicide. i hate myself. i always have. i feel there is no place for me in this world. i`ve never felt that i belonged. im so alone. i get so tired of waking up and wish i didn`t.i feel i will never be pretty enough or smart enough or skinny enough. i feel that i will never be loved. i don`t know what to do.


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Hi there and :welcome:

Sorry my reply is late.. I have just seen this thread.. how are you doing now?

I'm sorry that you're struggling right now with this depression.. i think a lot of people here will be able to relate to what you have said.. i know that i sometimes find it difficult to believe that i am a worthwhile person too

I hope you're ok, and i look forward to seeing you around
Jenny x
I am so so sorry my reply is late. But I want to say you are very welcome here, and a lot of us here feel the same way you did and do, and a lot of us feel as if we belong no where, but SF is a place where a lot of us fit in. And I am glad you found us, because a lot of us with problems like these have support, friends, a place to vent, be theirselves, and we aren't alone anymore. I hope you decide to stick around, because I would love to get to know you. I hope I see you around, I am here if you ever wanna chat or talk or you need a listener. Hang in there. :hug:

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

:welcome: :flowers:


Awwww, honey ya know how many nasty people are out threre in this old world?

Your feelings are your own, but you are worth so much.

Please come back. We care. Heck, we're all in the same boat.
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Welcome to the forum, Adaylia;:smile:

Please feel free to come here to talk, to vent, to scream - as often as you have need of listening caring friends, we'll be here for you.:smile: I've found many loving friends here. They have quite literally saved my life when I was convinced my life wasn't worth saving. We aren't professionals here, just experienced listeners with our own problems - which gives us good insight into the feelings of others.:smile:

Again, welcome!

:welcome: to the forum adaylia. Of course youmean something. Peolpe do care about you. Give us the chance to get to know you and let us show you that people do care. I hope you find what you need here. take care. :hug:
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