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    Sick of punching the clock. Its fucking done when its done, if ever. Lonely as hell right now, bored, depressed, questioning the last year. The only thing I feel like getting into, I cant get into it cause it will take too much time. Im not living this one dimensional life next year, or the end of this year for that matter. Its driving me up the wall. So now I have 2 paths that I wish to take. One requires a lot of time, mental effort and research, and the other requires the same + money. They might work. I could murder a million ales right now. I seem to be one of those weirdos that gets hornier the more depressed he is, pity there is nobody to help in that regard.

    I know what I want, but ill never get there cause im fucking bone lazy. Always have been, always will be.

    GRRRR!!! Not a soul to talk too, and even if there was, nobody wants to know.
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    I hear you and god sometime life does get so dam monotonous same old routine day in day out. Is there nothing that you would want to try just out of the blue. Like taking up playing instrument or doing art classes anything that would break this feeling of being in a rut. I hope you can find something to help get you change things up a bit. Volunteer work somewhere get a new pet anything that will make your day a little more exciting. I do hear what your saying take care:unsure:
  3. LetItGo

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    Thank you for the reply :) I might be able to make some changes in November. Right now I can barely scratch myself to be honest. There are a few things I want to do. Just feeling isolated, bored and apathetic. Stuff I should be doing and cant seem to. Ill be ok though.