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    i had been doing really well but this last week everything has began to fall apart with lots of things happening one by one they are getting to me , its all started with my physical heaalth rapidly going downhill i have degenerative diseases so this is to be expected but its happened suddenly and it not only hard to accept but causing alot of pain i was in the hospital for this and missed 2 apts with gas man and housing officer and got home to letters saying not being there for appts can result in court which although its been sorted i over thought it to the point where i was really worried i catastrophise everything , i had an argument with my mental health nurse over her wanting me to go to a mental health centre where its not safe for me and things have happened in the past that would make me unsafe to go back this left em uset as she ot em worked up then left and left me in a state unable to calm down , then i had a run in with an asthma nurse today the same nurse who has mistreated me for other things telling me to stop using medication and stuff that a conultant had told me i was to must use and told me if i have an asthma attack ring the gp not the ambulance and also to ring at 8 am on the day i want the appt if i have an asthma attack and didnt seem to get that you 1 cant predict an asthma attack i cant just ring at 8 am one day and say oh i think il have an asthma attack leter today and 2 if i have an attack my respiritory dr has already said its 999 every time and not to wait this left me feeling angry and anxious and triggered these feelings again ive been stuck i the house all week cause of pain and all these things keep happening on their own i could handle them but al at once its getting really difficult to handle them and break my feelings down so i can cope and i just dont know how im gonna manage