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Love and depression...

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I met someone at Christmas and several things happened between us...To make it brief:I told her how I was feeling,she said she felt the same exactly,she showed me her love just for a day and the next she was distand,she said she couldnt be with me because I am a woman and she wanted a free relationship:blink: ,I agreed but I couldnt do it,she had to leave for a few weeks so we left it unfinished and now she messages me and calls me now and then...The problem is that I Know she is using me,everyone of my friends sees it and tells me(they are her friends also so they know her) to leave her and move on but I cant...I dont know how it happened but now I am stuck on loving her and hoping she will come back and love me back(it wont happen!!-she flirts with others and I dont think she meant anything she said)...My depression is at its worst,at first I didnt eat at all,now I eat sweets mostly but I cannot sleep cause I cannot stop thinking of her and the situation,I dont find joy in aything anymore and I get completely melancholic even when I am at work or with my friends.I dont think anything else and everything reminds me of her but in a bad way.I drink a lot lately and I started smoking again-I told her she was the reason I started but it didnt seem to touch her-and last night I cut my hand again after a really long time
My friends try to help me and they are really angry at her for the way she treated me and the way she continues using me...I have to move on but I dont know how,I need to forget her otherwise I am a threat to myself...any ideas?


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You've been through a lot, my friend. I want you to take it easy. I want you to accept the fact that you cannot be with her. Tell yourself that she was never mean't for you. Heck, who needs her when she caused you so much pain? People don't need that......

Just take care of yourself. Slowly get back on track. Don't go too fast.
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