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Love and Hate

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I sit here all by my lonesome my son is sleeping and my husband has been gone to work for the last 2 days I feel like crying I feel so confused I miss him and want to hear his voice have him hold me but yet I am glad he is gone I can do my own thing without having to worry if it is alright with him or if he will have something negative to say to me like I never know what I am talking about or is there anything you can do right. If I am that bad a person why is he with me and WHY do I miss him and Love him and yet at the same time hate him so much at times I think I don't know what I really want my mind is a mess up....
I scream to the world .... WHY?


WHY.. cause your my sister and I need you...
And I know alot of things you do right... dont let anyone convince you for a moment otherwise.
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