Love in Hell

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    They died and went to hell
    One was a murderer
    The other a thief
    Every breath they take is agony
    Every heartbeat is pain
    Their skin is on fire
    And their blood is acid
    Everywhere around them they see other souls
    Damned mortals from eons ago
    The demon sits upon his frozen throne
    But he stopped laughing long ago
    They found each other
    In the dark
    They held each other
    As they were skewered
    They whispered sweet nothings
    As they burnt
    Their hands locked tight
    As their bones were crushed
    No matter how much time passes
    They have each other
    They scream, they cry, they burn
    But they smile
    Their minds have been destroyed
    But they linger
    They are damned for all time
    Happier in death
    Than in life
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.