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  1. *simba*

    *simba* Banned Member

    Saw this today! It was marvelous, loved it and made me wonder about love!! How the perception of it changed over the period of years for me, for most of us, I guess. How each experience, each relationship, changed us, our insight.

    Here is the linky!

    Do, share how you feel and how your perception changed or did it stay the same? My favorite part in the poem is "Love is not perfect." :D
  2. soulreaper

    soulreaper Well-Known Member

    great video samba...
  3. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Love - Nature and Law Of The Universe

    Love is the nature of the Universe and also its law. This love wants all its creatures to grow and evolve through learning from their own experiences. The true nature of humankind is love because from love we once came and to love each one of us eventually returns. This world was created to help every soul discover and then integrate its Divine qualities. That is why time and again we have to return to it, until we finally have learnt to love the way our Creator loves us and all His/Her creations. This way of loving is by no means some kind of soppy emotion. First and foremost it is kindness, gentleness, consideration and tolerance towards all life and beings, including ourselves.

    To my mind, learning to love this life and everything that is in it can only come through an increased awareness of the true purpose and meaning of our present existence, and an understanding of the different lessons each soul has to face during its present lifetime. More than anything else astrology has helped me to become familiar with the weaknesses and pitfalls that are inherent in the negative aspects of all signs. In every new lifetime the earthly personality encounters them, in the hope of learning how to rise above and overcome them.

    It seems that all human beings are naturally inclined to sit in judgement over others. Astrology helps me to observe the peccadilloes and foibles of my companions on the road of life, as well as my own, with compassion and kindness. It provides me with the wings to lift myself above judging others. Knowing the reasons for someone’s behaviour and that they are my sibling in the great family of life has made all the difference to my approach to life and all it contains.

    Loving and accepting each one totally and unconditionally is a natural progression of this development. It does away with the urge to sit in judgement and when someone behaves in a way that seems strange to me, these days I can smile instead of feeling irritated and annoyed. As far as I am concerned, each case is closed with the inner recognition: ‘Ah, that’s why they are doing this! Well, I am only here to change myself, not them. Let them get on with their lives and I with mine.’ To help others find that same tolerance through a better understanding of their own nature and others that’s what my Astro Files are all about.

    May White Eagle have the last word. It came my way in ‘Monday Thought’ 25.2.2013: ‘Love is seeing good in others and God’s hand working in the lives of others. Love is gentleness, sympathy and understanding. It is never a surrender to unwise and foolish demands. When you centre your heart upon the tender love of the Universal Christ, your fears dissolve. Faith ever more fills your whole being and what you want to do you can do. If love abides in your heart, it will give you the power to recognise and do that which is good. Love is power, though not domination of one over the other. Love brings to you the power to know and do the will of God.’

  4. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Love is commitment, selflessness, and loyalty. It's gentleness, compassion, and genuineness. Most of all its patience and forgiveness. I learned all this from my heavenly Father. HalleluYah
  5. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Alright I looked at this earlier and then I was daunted by the concept quite honestly. I can't encapsulate what I believe "Love" is properly so this will not do the concept justice at all and it is, as always, just my opinon.

    My perception of love has changed significantly as I have grown older. For example I no longer believe that "love is all you need" - I also believe that it should not be something that is beyond your control. I haven't mastered this part yet. I used to believe very strongly that if you fell in love you were not responsible for that. You do not choose who you fall in love with. I think that for many people - for me definitely - this is true. I do not believe it SHOULD be true. I believe that for a happy, healthy, mutually beneficial relationship, the people inside of it need to choose each other.

    If you do not know WHY you love someone there is a problem. I didn't know this - I believed love just 'is' - but its not. If someone asks "why do you love them" you should be able to list an eternity of reasons and never reach the end of the list. Not struggle to find one. I have had the "struggle to find one" relationships. I have had the "cry yourself to sleep, feel like shit, too afraid of being alone to leave" relationships. That is not love. Perhaps it involves loving someone but I guess I am separating the verb from the noun here.

    To Love, the verb, is to care for someone, to accept someone, to put someone first... I am sure there is a definition somewhere... I am sure there are thousands. But Love - the abstract noun of it - is made up of lots of verbs; it is loving, respecting, admiring, supporting, stimulating, accepting, entertaining, guiding, teaching, challenging, serving, leading, caring for and having faith in EACH OTHER. (And a hundred other verbs besides). It is not a mindless thing that just "happens" to us. It shouldn't be.

    I think this is the mistake. Not just in relationships but in humanity in general (to throw down a huge philosophical gauntlet). People believe that love just "is" - it just happens - and it should be powerful enough to heal all ailments and conquer all fears. It should be enough to change the world. It's not.

    Love is a choice and a commitment; it is hard work and it is dedication. Relationships do not last because a magical force connects the people within them. There will be no end to hatred and fear because a mystical force will descend and eradicate them.

    People have to CHOOSE Love - commit to it past fear and self interest. Love is an abstract noun made up of verbs. It is defined by free will, commitment and, above all, action. Love does not just 'happen' - you have to go out there and DO it.
  6. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Well said Freya! :hug:
    Love is action! It's effort! It's, dare I say it? Love is WORK!
  7. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    A diluted word.
  8. jnick

    jnick Well-Known Member

    ineffable emotion
  9. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Love is caring and sharing whatever gifts and talents we have with those in need of them.

    With love - Aquarius
  10. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    That was fantastic! Excellent summation! I like it!

  11. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Well said. :)
  12. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Love and friendship with all life are God’s true nature and our own. This is a love that gives of itself freely and willingly to all Its creations. It asks for nothing in return and from the moment of its emergence from the heartmind of God, every soul is accompanied by this love. This is the only truly caring friend who never leaves us and will stay with us forever. Thick and thin, good and evil alike are jointly experienced by the small earthly self and its Heavenly companion, who has always been there for it and forever will be. Ready to be called upon at any time, it has shown us the way through all our past adventures. It is with us in the present and will safely guide us through the explorations that are yet to come. Each time we act as a truly caring friend towards someone, God’s kingdom on the Earth is newly established

    From The Alchemy Of Love

    * * *
  13. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    The final evolutionary goal of each one of us is to become ever more God-like by learning to love the way our Divine Father/Mother loves us, i.e. totally, unconditionally and impersonally. The Bible tells us: ‘Love your neighbour, as you love yourself!’ To my mind, this does imply the need for loving and respecting ourselves as the precious and unique creatures we all truly are. We are magnetic beings who attract into their orbit that which we ourselves are; everything begins and ends with us. That is why, before we can attract some love into our lives, we first have to become loving ourselves. If we wish to be respected by those around us, we must first learn to respect and appreciate ourselves.

    From ‘The Sun In Libra

    * * *

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