Love Kills

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  1. MartinSL

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    The day I called you Darling, you noticed me
    Strangers for months, alone in life but I was happy
    We started chatting, texting and talking on the phone
    You became part of my life but how much I would not have known

    Despite the distance, you wanted to meet
    Suprised and shocked, I immediatly agreed
    You drove five hours and crossed the borders
    You stepped out of your car and I was already yours

    You were so charming, so beautiful
    One look in my eyes and you made me whole
    I could not believe, I could not realize
    The girl of my life right in front of my eyes

    Two years later, still together
    Just as happy as when I met her
    But to my surprise, I soon realized
    What I based my life on was nothing but lies

    I remember that night when my love was murdered
    I asked if you were happy with me but no word to be heard
    In a instant I felt my heart go cold
    The look of your face forever scarred in my soul

    Your love was gone and I never saw it leave
    I felt so stupid, I felt so naive
    I took it for granted, I thought it was fate
    But I still did not know that it was too late

    You left the next day, when I was away
    I prayed God so that it would all be okay
    But you dumped me, without giving me a chance
    I still didnt know you ran away with my friend

    He told me himself, you could not do it
    Tell the man you loved and for 2 years you lived with
    I was crushed, lost, alone and sad
    In a matter of days I lost all I had

    And now here I am, waiting to die
    You left with my soul without saying goodbye
    You are the love of my life and that is true
    But some days I wish I never met you


    I know, a lot of cheesy rhymes.. just wanted to get the story out of me.
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  2. Julia-C

    Julia-C Well-Known Member

    That is so sad, but has such an honest quality to it. If that is your story and not just a poem, I am sorry it happened to you. :hug:
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