Love/& Life Sucks

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    You can't trust anyone:sad:

    She wishes she was normal
    She wishes she didn't care
    She wishes she didn't love a jerk
    She was over him, until he started talking to her again, she got over not being able to talk to him, thats it all so different.
    She wishes she could jus forget him, he's just not worth it.
    She wish she knew why
    She wished everybody wasn't two faced, so that maybe someone would actually be trustworthy.
    She wishes she didn't tell him nearly everything, just to have it rubbed back in her face.
    She wishes not all guys were jerks, well atleast finding out their a jerk, months later.
    She wishes and wonders why he started talking to her again and wanting her addy, when he clearly doesn't care nor talk to her.
    She wishes she actually had a family/home, somewhere she actually belongs
    She wishes she wasn't sooo ugly
    She wishes she could change everything
    She wishes she was never born

  2. Angelo_91

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    Maybe if you weren't so attached to all your little emotions and worlds you could find happiness. Forget your anxieties and problems, your society. The best happiness is the one that doesn't come from anyone but You. and i mean completely you.
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    A big :hug: for you.