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love living, tired of life

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by VonBlown, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. VonBlown

    VonBlown Well-Known Member

    I have medical problems, first crones disease, then IBS constipation. Can't sleep. Have constant panic attacks, don't go anywhere. See everything from brushing my teeth, to shaving as a monumental task.

    I have severe skin problems, my skin breaks out all over, and burns, and makes me feel mentally unstable. And I can't even find any clothes to wear anymore that don't increase the problem. I've went through tons of clothes. But only have a few pieces that don't increase the problem. I'm also allergic to CD's and DVD's the same way I am the clothing.

    It's hard to urinate, because of all the backed up stool. I was in the Emergency room 6 months ago, and they couldn't even get a catheter in my to drain the urine. Everything I"ve tried from antibiotics to laxatives work for a while then stop working. All I have to look forward to is surgery, like a colonoscopy, as a last resort that might not even solve the problem.

    I have no job, no girlfriend, no income and no hope. I'm 45 years old and living with my elderly parents. I'm having trouble breathing prolly because of all the laxatives. And I can't seem to breath out of both nostrils at once. The right one seems clogged most of the time. It's really maddening.

    I"m on medicade and have to travel a 165 miles now in the winter time :boogie: to see any doctors or get any medical help.
  2. nok1888

    nok1888 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your having a bad time all rod. I can understand the IBS and anxiety attacks, I have both as well as bipolar.

    Is there no closer doctor than 165 miles?
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